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About us


Bamboo Flower Shop was born in relation with the wish to bring a high-quality standard of aesthetics in Israel, in your house as well as in your office.

This is why we proceed to a selection of the best seasonal flowers !

At our place, you can benefit advice and help to make a careful selection of the most beautiful and durable flowers, assembled in distinguished and elegant bouquets.


Is your need in relation with events and corporate ?

We will study your project: making a wedding unforgettable or changing an ordinary meeting room in an awesome decorum for your business conference, we can face
all kinds of challenges within the framework of the conditions you will signale us.

Chocolate, wine and scents are complementary pleasures and services we propose to create a surprising scenario in a warm mood.

We propose reasonable prices in order to give each one a chance to please ours so cherished persons among friends, family and partners.



Where do your plants and seeds come from ?

 - Most of our flowers and plants come from Israel.
 Certain rarer species come from Holland.

Do you use only natural methods?

- Yes, that's a main feature of our shop.

Can you achieve  bouquets according to specific wishes ?

 -Yes, especially for your events, I work a lot 'on topic' to create a particular atmosphere matching your expectations.

Are there  additional costs for this service ?

-No, this is an offered service.

May I order you a rare plant or a plant from foreign countries?
- Yes, of course.
We already import tulips, orchids, orthensia and we can achieve a special search according to your needs.

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